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Help the Holy Souls

The souls in Purgatory need your prayers and sacrifices to expiate their sins so they can enter into glory in Heaven.

This site will give you the information and devotions you need to help them. Pray daily for the holy souls!



Chaplet of the Holy Souls

This devotion is a simple and quick way to pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. It is prayed using traditional rosary beads.

Litany of the Departed

A litany for the holy souls.

Novena to St. Expeditus

A highly effective novena for urgent cases.

Prayer of St. Gertrude the Great

Amazing prayer which releases 1000 souls from Purgatory each time it is said. Definitely worth memorizing!

The Fifteen Prayers of St. Bridget

Jesus gave these prayers to St. Bridget of Sweden in the 14th Century. One of the promises are that 15 souls from your family will be delivered from Purgatory.

The Litany of the Faithful Departed

A litany of the holy souls in Purgatory.

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